Smart, Useable and Scalable surveillance system Make sure everything is protected: people, properties, business processes


R6 for SMB

Now SMBs have access to the business processes video surveillance technology, that have been available only for large enterprises.


R6 for Corporation

Cloud surveillance secures local traffic in the decentralized corporate structure to achieve prosesses optimization.


R6 for Public sector

Cloud surveillance make use and develop the existing surveillance infrastructure in the field of public security.



Smart video surveillance scales and adapts to the dynamical security environment as your business grows.



The system scours video images for user-defined behaviours and patterns and provide real-time alerts.


Enhance processes

Cutting-edge technologies enable cloud computing and storage management plus intelligent video analysis.

ORAK R6 Mobile Devices & Cameras

Your business is always under control. Monitor and analyse anywhere via R6 Mobile Apps&Devices using your own or our special ORAK R6 Cameras.


Surveillance & Analytics Console

Data capture, Data analytics, Meta-data management, Real-time alerts, Data mining - all features in a single cloud console.


Object and color classification

Classify objects into different classes, use training data and calibration schemes. Colour classification classifies the dominant color of the object.

Alert definition & detection

Alert messages are generated automatically when a user-defined behavior occurs within the camera field of view, and can be send to a workstation, PDA or e-mail.

Database event indexing

Events are indexed by content and are stored on a database, this allows events to be cross-referenced across multiple cameras and create historical archive of events.

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  • Orak is easy to use. There’s almost no learning curve. You’ll be up and running within an hour! I’ve been using Orak since the middle of last year and continue to be impressed Kaloyan StefanovVideo Surveillance Manager
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