Why choose ORAK R6?

Make your steps into the cloud with confidence

Living in a world where everything around us is technology, we should be very careful with our selection of software. Frankly, the software is not just a part of your business - it “plays” the leading role. Taking in mind this, we would like to inform you about the main advantages of ORAK R6 and why it is the right choice as a leading role in your business.

Described as the industry’s most advanced platform for cloud business processes, ORAK R6 could be implemented in many fields of business either for service industries, manufacturing or corporation. The platform is flexible, which is very helpful and needed from the customers. Before even starting to mark the advantages of this innovative software solution, we should first draw attention one of R6’s strongest side – security. The high security allows its use in the public sector as well as in the areas of national security and defence. There is no doubt that this is what our customers want and this is what our customers get.

Taking a global look on the market, we cannot bypass the fact that the intelligent mobile devices are the future that is why our software is available on mobile devices. This is the faster and also secured way to control your business anytime, anywhere, from every point of the world. Whether on tablet, smartphone or laptop, ORAK R6 provides the opportunity to be online for your business and the great thing is that the software’s layout is adaptable to the view on the different devices.

The real-time traceability, the secured connection to your business and the open relation to your customers are only small parts of the things that make the business solution R6 our highest rated product from our customers.