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R6 advanced features The Industry’s Most Advanced Platform for clouded business processes. Any size, any business.



Democratize the technologies – make SMBs really competitive to any big players on the global market.


ORAK R6 for Corporation

Clouding of corporate BP - provides a way to scale the local and global operations fast and cheaper - anytime, anywhere.


ORAK R6 for Public Sector

Ready to go E-GOV modules - built and approved public BP on the cloud together with high-secured private infrastructure.


ORAK R6 for Service industries

Make service value strong and visible - empower your service business in all directions via real-time cloud automation.


ORAK R6 for Retail industries

Advance retailers' operation in cloud mode-give your retail a 24/7 continuous work with innovation, flexibility and higher efficiency.


ORAK R6 for Manufacturing

Achieve real-time traceability and efficiency - provide global manufacturing know-how with online clouded hardware integration.


R6 Cloud Console

A powerful and totally secure cloud console that offers a standard set of intuitive and expandable features, for fully business processes automation of your business case.


R6 Mobile Device

A mobile version that is designed to adapt to the viewing device, whether mobile, tablet or desktop, using 100% native apps. You can either use your own device, or our special R6 mobile devices.


What Our Customers Said

  • ORAK R6– irreplaceable partner in the effective management and control of each stage of our commercial activities. The dynamically changing, transparent to opaque, fixed header, combines design and functionality. imageGeorgi TanevSupermarket Owner
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Latest From the Blog

Why choose ORAK R6?

Written by Super User  /  Published: Monday, 16 September 2013

Living in a world where everything around us is technology, we should be very careful with our selection of software. Frankly, the software is not just a part of your business - it “plays” the leading role. Taking in mind this, we would like to inform you about the main advantages of ORAK R6 and why it is the right choice as a leading role in your business.

Described as the industry’s most advanced platform for cloud business processes, ORAK R6 could be implemented in many fields of business either for service industries, manufacturing or corporation. The platform is flexible, which is very helpful and needed from the customers. Before even starting to mark the advantages of this innovative software solution, we should first draw attention one of R6’s strongest side – security. The high security allows its use in the public sector as well as in the areas of national security and defence. There is no doubt that this is what our customers want and this is what our customers get.

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